Angela Bernhardt



Constance & Buckham's Bay Community Association Director. Angela has b..

Angela has been a West Carleton resident since 2001. Born and raised in Southern Ontario, Angela moved to the Ottawa area in the 1990s. A Construction Project Manager/Director in her work life, Angela got involved with the CBBCA during the design phase of the expansion project at the Community Centre in Constance Bay in 2013. A few years later a Director at the CBBCA, and for 2 years president of same. A volunteer during the flood response in 2017, and a founding member of the West Carleton Disaster Relief team after the tornado in 2018. Coordinating with other NGOs, Angela was part of the “After the Storm” Committee throughout 2018 and 2019. Angela was honoured to be part of the team of the WCDR who were granted a Community Builder Award in 2019, in recognition of their response in supporting the West Carleton community after the 2018 tornado. 2019 brought a flood like no other in 2019, and Angela was also a volunteer during that emergency.

Angela is currently a Project Director with BGIS in Ottawa.