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High winds and power outages have once again torn across our region and West Carleton Disaster Relief volunteers at it again assisting affected residents with their property clean up and other pressing issues.  

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Photo Credit: Garrett Humphreys


West Carleton Disaster Relief is connecting affected residents with services, supplies, equipment, neighbours and other volunteers to help you recover from the storm.

Neighbours and volunteers are assisting in a huge variety of way with recovery. Everything from brush and debris clean up to food and laundry services. Please fill out our form here and we will help connect to you available assistance. 

Please visit our Services page for available services and to connect with our team.


Volunteers with and without chainsaws are needed to help residents in West Carleton with clean up in the coming weeks. Please sign up here if you are interested in helping.

While there are residents in WC still looking for debris and brush removal assistance, the city also is looking for volunteers to assist in other areas. This is a great opportunity to give back some love that we received from volunteers all over Ottawa during the floods and tornado. Visit for more information.


Affected residents will once again need your help. Please consider making a donation to assist our volunteer efforts. We currently have volunteers helping residents with food, brush & debris clean up and pumping their basements due to sump pump failure. We will use these funds to purchase needed supplies and equipment.


We are also looking for donations of gift cards and supplies. We currently are seeking protective gear for chain operation and snacks & refreshments for our volunteers. If you would like to contribute please email

2022 STORM

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