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- LOW -

Update May 16, 5pm

Water Levels Britannia: (forecast - 3 days from today)

59.31 |Forecast 59.15 | 2017 Peak 60.44 | 2019 Peak 60.68

Water Levels Arnprior: 

74.60 | Forecast 74.40 | 2017 Peak 75.95 | 2019 Peak 76.28 

The spring runoff continues to decline in all locations of the watershed. Levels are now below minor flood thresholds in all locations along the main stem of the Ottawa River but remain above average for this time of year. Levels and flows along the main stem of the Ottawa River are expected to continue declining over the coming week.

Open Map for Sandbag Locations

  • Yellow Icons: Filled bags available for residents to use.
  • Red Stars: Volunteers NEEDED to fill sandbags 
  • Green Stars: Volunteers not currently needed to fill sandbags
  • Purple X: No Access Local Traffic Only 

West Carleton Disaster Relief is here to connect you to all available services. 

Showers: The Constance Bay Community Centre has a shower available. If you need to assess the shower outside of the community centre open times (8am-8pm) please contact and and we will you get a temporary pass for the showers. 

Portable Washrooms: If your septic is compromised please call 311 to report. The city is attempting to provide portable washroom at access lanes near properties that are affected. 

Well Water Testing: Pick Up Wednesday's at 11am at the Constance Bay Community Centre, 272 Len Purcell Drive. 

Food: West Carleton Food Access Centre: 613-832-5685 /, please call or email for anything you need and to arrange a pick up time.

Household items & services:  Disaster Ottawa – Household Item Exchange (FB) (this is the place for people to post any furniture etc. they would like to donate. Please ensure to check the date as there are items posted from previous disasters. 

Clothing: Savvy Seconds, 5670 Carp Road: 613-240-8644 /, please email for anything you need.

Insurance Issues: Insurance Bureau of Canada:

Questions & Complaints; 1-844-227-5422 

Councilor: Clarke Kelly's:


Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarian's (DRAO): 1-844-780-8925 (Not Currently Available)


Enbridge Gas - 613-748-6890

Electrical Safety Authority -  1-877-372-7233 /
Hydro One - 613-748-6890 / /


Is My Well Safe To Drink Decision Tree v2019.jpg
Checklist for well samples after a flood_May10_BIL .png
FoodSafetyPowerFailure_Jan 2019_BIL_FIN.png
AfterFloodFactsheet _May 10_noon_EN.png


Your efforts so far has helped WCDR to save homes throughout West Carleton. While we are happy to see the water start to recede we know the need for us and you is far from over! In the coming weeks our most vulnerable residents will need help again with helping to remove sandbags and flood debris. Some of our residents will also need help with removing flood damaged materials from their homes. If you are able to help in the coming weeks please sign up. 



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