Board Member Open Nomination

West Carleton Disaster Relief is seeking to increase the size and capacity of its board of directors to allow the organization to grow in the ability to support residents in West Carleton recovering from the effects of natural disasters, increasing the disaster resiliency throughout West Carleton, while focusing on the goal of becoming a model of community-based disaster preparedness in Ontario.

The nomination committee is now accepting applications to serve on its volunteer board of directors.

The board of directors is currently comprised of representatives from five participating West Carleton Community Associations and The West Carleton Food Access Centre (WCFAC). The required number of representatives from each Community Association will be reduced to one Community Association appointed member and one WCFSC member, the remaining 10 board positions are open to the general public, residency in West Carleton is not a requirement.

We are looking for qualified candidates who have skills/experience in the following areas:

  • Disaster Management or Response

  • Community Preparedness

  • Health & Safety

  • First Response

  • Fundraising

  • Materials Acquisition

  • Construction Management

  • Municipal Infrastructure

  • Communications and Media Relations

  • Accounting, law or other professional designation

If you have experience in one of these fields or other areas and are interested in helping to continue to build upon the successes of West Carleton Disaster Relief we are accepting applications here.

Building from the experiences of Constance Bay Flood Relief, West Carleton Disaster Relief was established in 2018 after West Carleton was hit by its second natural disaster. The organization was formed to support the residents of Dunrobin and the surrounding areas with their recovery after a tornado destroyed homes and businesses. WCDR volunteers lead the way through West Carleton’s third disaster in the span of two years and we continue supporting the recovery of those affected by the 2019 Ottawa River Floods while building community resiliency through our Disaster Readiness programs. Through all of the recent disasters that have hit West Carleton, it has come to the forefront that there is very little long term support for victims recovering from a disaster and we are continuing our partnerships with other non-profits to develop these supports so residents affected by future disaster will not face the same struggles with their recovery. 

Updated April 2022