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Kevin Williams



Kevin Williams

Kevin has lived in the Ottawa area for over 40 years and has always participated in community activities.
He initially worked as a mechanic for a few years and then worked as a Mechanical Engineer in the High-
Tech space for over 30 years. For 20 plus years, he has also managed many soccer teams, coached
soccer teams, and runs a men’s soccer league for OSU. In addition, he is a Director in Operations for the
NCISL, now called the Ottawa Adult Soccer Club. For over 14 years, he has also been working with a
charity called Helping with Furniture (HWF) who provides gently-used furniture and household goods,
refurbished bicycles, and laptops to people in need in the Ottawa area. He has been a director for HWF
for over 8 years and now Vice-President. After the tornado hit in 2018 and seeing the devastation first
hand, he has wanted to be more involved in helping local people who have been affected by such
devastation and is looking forward to being able to help WCDR as needed.

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