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APRIL 1 2021, 6:30-8:30PM

To join us on Zoom please email your contact info to:

The West Carleton Disaster Relief association completed a large amount

of research into fire safety in our area. The Huntley Community

Association took a leadership role, and along with other members of the

WCDR and the Corkery Community Association, together we produced our 

WildFire Ready brochure.


Through our research, we discovered that areas of West Carleton were

utterly devastated by a wildfire in 1870 and the risks that caused the

1870 fire still exist today.

Our primary resource was FireSmart Canada. The mandate for FireSmart is to reduce the risk that wildfires pose to populated areas by raising awareness through education. Their system is based on zones that spread out from your home and outline things you and the community can do to lower everyone’s individual risk and risks to the wider community.

FireSmart Neighbourhood Recognition Program


The FireSmart Neighbourhood Recognition Program was set up to encourage neighbours to work together to maximize the benefits of the prevention and mitigation efforts outlined in their program,  reducing vulnerability to wildfires and increasing the chances of surviving a wildfire. The successful completion of the program leads to the FireSmart Neighborhood Recognition.

Join Our Meeting

Please email us at to receive the Zoom invitation.

We will further the discussion to see if there is interested in moving forward with FireSmart Neighbourhood Recognition Program for the entirety of West Carleton or if the preference is to divide participation by individual communities.

View our WlidFire Ready page for detailed information on how you can start to become FireSmart today. 


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