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Bruce Collier



Bruce Collier

Bruce grew up in Ottawa, and since he was a young child, spent much of his time at his parents’ cottage and later, as a teenager, building his present home in the Fitzroy Harbour region. He left Ottawa to spend 5 years in Mississauga, and 12 years in the Washington, DC area to earn a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, then worked in Biotechnology.
He returned to Fitzroy Harbour in 2001 and has since been living there full-time with his wife
Judith and serves as butler to two cats.
To date, he has lived through four flood events in the Fitzroy Harbour area (1979, 2017, 2019,
and 2023), giving him a good perspective on the community impact disasters cause. He has
been a director and founder of the incorporated Willola Beach Property Owners’Association
(Community Association) [WBPOA] since 2004, supporting his community during various disasters and challenges.
He also served on the City of Ottawa Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) from 2004 to 2012, including being the EAC liaison to the City of Ottawa Rural Issues Advisory Committee.
During that time, he learned about the potential future impacts of climate change and the various disasters it causes, along with the unique challenges of rural residents.

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